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A floppy hat fall

IMG_5822 IMG_5820IMG_5823 IMG_5831 IMG_5839IMG_5849 IMG_5864

Top: Macy’s // Pants: Express // Necklace: Stella and Dot // Hat: Leith from Nordstrom //Shoes: Isola from Head Over Heals

Don’t you just love the Fall? The weather changes, people tend to be in better moods (generally), and you can layer and wear those cute knee high boots boxed somewhere in your closet. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. I will waste no time and tell you my predictions for hot fall trends: fringe, floppy hats, culotte pants, and covers that simulate ponchos.

I was waiting to publish this post hoping that it could go along with yesterday’s story about local fashion bloggers in LSU’s The Daily Reveille. Thinking back, not knowing the exact publishing date of this article was the best thing.

The lovely Brittany Hagoort interviewed me three weeks ago and ever since then I was stressing about the when, the how, and the what. When would the story come out, how will it look, and what would people think once they read the article. Everyday I walked by the stands worrying about this soon to be not yet existing article. Yesterday’s front page headline was “They see me rolling,” which happens to be one of my favorite tracks (I also imagine President Barry O rolling out of the White House to this song..just FYI) And later that morning a tweet from The Daily Reveille took me by surprise. I played it cool, went to class and on my way back picked up a copy of the paper. Only to pick up ten more copies from two different stands later that day. And there I was. It’s an amazing feeling to see your story on paper, it really is. No press release to announce that I have blog, and come January 2016 it will be four years!!! Time flies when you are having fun.

So now I get to freak out and say in my Oprah voice “I’m in the REVEILLEEEEEEEEE!!! You get a paper, you get a paper, and you get a paper!” You can read the full story here.

Special thanks go out to Brittany Hagoort for doing such an amazing job creating this article quoting a few of my favorite fashion ladies in the area, and Nicholas Martino for being the photographer who saved the day! And my readers, wherever you are and whoever you are THANK YOU!!!

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Styled by design + la cle

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Dress: June by June Ambrose (HSN) / Shoes: DSW/ Necklace c/o: La Clé / Clutch: The Ant Hill by Anthony Ryan

Well folks Spring is a done deal yet I find myself everyday scouring through HSN (The Home Shopping Network) obsessing over the Spring and Fall collection of my favorite stylist June Ambrose. She is a fashion QUEEN in my book. I am pretty sure Jay Z (HOVA!) has her on speed dial, and she is responsible for styling Missy Elliot’s super fly video back in the early 2k’s.

Anyone on HSN can really sell me anything but June can sell me all her clothes. She uses her slogan “styled by design,” and catchy phrases like “glamoflage,” meaning using glamorous design tricks to accentuate your curves and make you look thinner. Yes Please! And I know I am not the only one stalking her collection as most of the small sizes in her spring collection are pretty much gone. Yes Spring! Because honestly her pieces can be worn year round. As shown above. I LOVE this scuba dress. It was sold out but sometimes if you pray hard enough to the fashion gods they listen and grant you a wish. The black and white panels and the overlapping floral motifs are perfection to the upteenth degree.

And speaking of HSN can we give a round of applause to the multi fashion millionaire Jessica Simpson for  successfully selling her new fall fashion collection DRUNK on air yesterday. Now that’s what I call multi tasking while having fun, and making money honey! You can watch this cash train wreck (btw loved that movie! Bill Hader swoon!I watched it twice!) here by clicking on the video that shows the live presentation.

In this post I am collaborating with La Clé . I found this awesome jewelry company on instagram. They repurpose old keys and coat them in different colors. Each color has a different meaning. For example, I chose gold which stands for worthy and valuable (umm…Yes I am!). As the color of your key fades you are said to have absorbed the energy of those words that represent your key’s color. Additionally, if you post your “naked key” on any social media platform using the tag #nakedkey” La Clé will make make a donation to the charity of your choice. How awesome is that!

If you want a free key just go to www.shoplacle.com and click on “Free Key” Share with your friends, they get $5.00 off their purchase and you will get a free key when your friends shop!  Awesomesauce! FYI- The Oxford Dictionary has put awesomesauce (meaning “extremely good;excellent”) in the dictionary so it is a legit word!

I was honestly not expecting to write this much so if you made it to this part congratulations! You win at allowing me to ramble in my thoughts! Gotta love you for that!

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IMG_3695 IMG_3698 IMG_3701 IMG_3717 IMG_3709IMG_3736IMG_3725 IMG_3729 IMG_3731 IMG_3771 IMG_3777 IMG_3750IMG_3789 IMG_3788Dress: H&M // Vest: Aria (old)// Shoes: Steve Madden/ Bracelets: Sosis //Necklaces: Stella and Dot

This past semester of graduate school I took an Art History class that rocked my world. I am so proud and impressed with the work produced by students from the LSU College of Art and Design. I feel super cheesy about saying this but art students are too cool for school. They are in their own club, the you can’t sit with us club…and I loved every minute of it. I took these pictures in the area where some of their amazing works are displayed. They are fabulous!

Now, about this outfit. I was really channelling Rachel Zoe in this outfit, and it felt pretty Maj! This long navy maxi really brings out the bohemian side of me and the faux fur vest is just the icing on the cupcake…yes I just made that up.

The weather is quite gloomy which is perfect as I am currently obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. So I am really into this London type weather. The only annoying side effect is my horrible attempt at speaking with an english accent and wanting to say out loud “elementary my dear Watson,” which they never say on the show. Humbug. But Benedcit Cumberpatch (that name though!) is quite adorbs!! So that makes it all better.

Minus two days until Christmas! I wish you all very Happy and Fabulous Holidays!!! May you get everything you asked for on your list!!!