Flower Power



Dress: H&M / Shoes: Isola from Head Over Heels / Jewelry: Stella and Dot /Headband: Versona

I can’t tell you how OBSESSED I am this season with the floral print trend. Obvi by this being the second time wearing a flower headband piece. I wouldn’t ¬†think that flowers, or any other prints for that matter, were meant for this girl. Never in a million years could I see myself wanting floral kimonos, tops, pants, etc., as much as I do now. It’s a problem no doubt. But prints are so exciting lately. Mixing them up and contrasting colors makes me happy.

And no I didn’t get that door open. Wasn’t trying to either. I’m not about breaking the law while doing shoots. But I had so much fun on the beautifully landscaped Perkins Rowe at the butt crack of the AM picking up someone’s copy of Scene magazine. Great articles by the way.

It’s hot y’all! Feels like a sauna outside. Replenish and stay cool! And thank you for all the love! And for taking a second of your busy schedule to take a glance!

Until the next post!!!



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