Hemline @LSU Contour Fashion Show

Yesterday at the Lyceum, in downtown Baton Rouge, I attended the LSU fashion show Contour. I only knew two things going in; that Anthony Ryan Auld (winner of Project Runway: Allstars and season 9 designer) would be there, and that the show featured designs from LSU textile and apparel design students. I have to admit that I am not a devout fan of Project Runway other than watching bits of it here and there. But what I got from this show was way more than what I expected. The LSU program (Hemline) designed dresses for women that have cancer, or were cancer survivors. Seeing these beautiful, strong women walk the cat walk gave me goose bumps. It reminded of my aunt Diana who also battled cancer and lost her fight due to complications two years ago. She was a real character. I know that she is somewhere rocking some oversized pink sunglasses and purple lipstick on, her favorite colors.  I also learned that Anthony Ryan was a cancer survivor himself, and last night he bravely announced that the cancer had returned.

This show was truly amazing and inspiring. They split the show up in four parts. One dedicated to cancer victims, a little black dress section, dresses from junior designers, and finally dresses from senior designers. I loved everything about this show. I brought my dear friend Erica to not brave the crowd alone. Speaking about crowds, they had an impressive turnout. The place was packed, I had to stand up because there were no seats. I hope it’s not my last fashion show, and I hope to be seated in the next one.



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Photos taken by: Erica Martinez

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