Lucky Green

It has been a wild dream of mine to one day be part of a Victoria Secret Fashion Show. I don’t need to be one of the gorgeous models on that catwalk particularly, although I’m not going to lie that I would love to model. I am totally fine being somewhere in the audience or back. I really thought there was nothing to modeling but taking pictures for my blog has proved me wrong. Picking out which pictures to post is a challenge as I have to discard most of my pictures because of my silly expressions. There is always the pouty faces, or the ones that I am talking. It’s quite a task.
Any who, I am obviously really obsessed with colored denim. It doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s day to show your love for green. On this particular occasion my shopping adventures led me to a boutique called Time Warp located on Government Street in Baton Rouge. I could seriously get lost in this store. The concept is brilliant! The store is sectioned off by different eras like 80’s, 70’s and so on. Love it!
And may I just add there is a certain mystique to Government Street that I just can’t figure out but It always draws me back.






Shirt: Time Warp. Shoes: Head Over Heals
Denim: Sold Jewelry: Piperfields Watch:Michael Kors Sunglasses: Tom Ford

7 thoughts on “Lucky Green

  1. Lovely as always! Wishing I had your sense of fashion. I see the lastes fashion on television and magazines, yet I say to myself I could never look fashionable. However, I see you in this pics and think to myself, wow Diana really pulled it off. Great job hunny!

  2. You look amazing darling! I love the bright pants with the dark, colorful shirt. I really enjoyed that u choose gold jewelry to accessorize with. And love the bright red nails! Ur awesome!

    1. Thank you Genny! You are too, too sweet my dear friend!!! I know that you enjoy a good accessory! Thank you for your darling comments!

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