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Dress: ERIN by Erin Featherstone, Aria Boutique

Shoes: BCBG (old), Head Over Heals

Bracelets: Stella and Dot

Purse: Rebecca Minkoff, Aria Boutique

If you have been hiding under a rock lately, or have been too busy with life happening to watch TV, Orange Is the New Black is a new hit show from Netflix that is taking the media by storm. Everyone (including me) is pretty much obsessed with it. It tells the story of the different women that are serving time in a women’s federal prison in Litchfield, NY. This post is dedicated to the show. Orange is one of those colors that sneaks its way in between seasons. And of course, everyone rocks orange on Halloween which is also creeping up on us really soon. So here are some things that I like and unlike about the show without giving anything away.

Favorite Quote: “squat and cough”

Favorite character: All of the actors do such a great job portraying their characters. But I am so happy to see Jason Biggs on TV. I honestly believe that when your (jewish) mother tells you to marry a good jewish boy she is talking about Jason Biggs. But that’s just me.

Dominicans in the house: It sucks that when Dominican women are portrayed in a hit show they have to be in prison.

So if you can check the show out. It gets pretty real pretty quick but it is such a good show.

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2 thoughts on “Orange Is The New Black

  1. Jajaja….BTW, my Dominican sister is one of them, but that’s cool since she is just starting on the industry ūüôā
    Hope you enjoy it till the end!

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