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Dress: Nordstrom // Clutch: Deuxlux // Accessories: Stella and Dot //Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Can we talk about how progressively less people wear red on Valentine’s Day? Does this mean I am getting super old and cheesy? Maybe. I was sort of heart broken to see that not many students on LSU’s campus sported red on the day of love. I am not advocating to sport red from head to toe, but I would have been happy with some piece of accessory, or shoes. Something!

At any rate it is such a great day to see the flower delivery people driving up and down the roads. And the men in the check out isles holding their boxes of chocolates, flower arrangements, and balloons. The idea is not to be obnoxious but to let someone know with a detail that you are thinking about them.

Enough of the melancholy and onto the fashion.

I have been lusting for a red lace dress since last year and this one filled the requirements. It looks like an ice skater dress with the full skirt, but the true red color is just lovely. As of right now it is  on sale at nordstrom for $24.50. Click here ! There is one medium left. So hurry!

Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s day weekend. I will be posting tomorrow about the One of a kind Baton Rouge Fashion week fashion show which was also this weekend, and was so much fun. So be on the look out.

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