Teddy Twenty Two Point Oh!

Dress: Couleur+Blinde // Boots: Steve Madden // Purse: Eddie x Rebecca Minkoff // Earrings: Park Lane

Alright, alright, alright! That’s a wrap for January 2022. Each new year I like to do something different to jump start what always seem like a slow drag. I don’t really do resolutions, personally not a fan of them. Not to say I’ve never had any. You can find an old article where I did. Instead, I like to set some month long goals to reset and hopefully propel myself into the new year in a positive direction.

  For example, for the second year in a row I participated in “Veganuary,” where I basically opt to not eat meat or fish for the entire month of January. To date, I am surprised at how many people don’t know about Veganuary. Additionally, I also participated in “Dry January,” by not consuming alcohol this month and no diet drinks. I am quite proud of completing these small goals.

Now, for the fashion talk, and the walk honey. Undoubtedly one of my favorite winter trends this year is the Teddy Coat. Depending on fabric it can feel like your favorite throw, or your most fashionable structured wrap. These low temperatures are calling for a warm long coat and the Teddy Coat more than fulfills this fashion need. My two favorites Teddies are the one shown above from Express. For everyday wear I LOVE this one from UNIQLO. 

 There is really not much to say about this dress other than it is a delicious blend of all my favorite winter hues, and that it fits like a glove. Well, and that it has two very different sides and both are equally sexy. Also, I finally found a pair of white booties that I really love. Every time I see someone wearing white boots I think they look so cute.

Well, folks here is to having an amazing new year and a happy lunar year. Eye of the Tiger!

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