Tiger Bait

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Jumpsuit: Brooklyn’s boutique / Necklace: Baublebar / Hat: Versona

It has been quite a stretch of time between this post and the last one and trust me no one feels the pressure of the lapse in time more than I do.

We have officially welcomed the first day of fall and guess what? If you know me by now you know that I am about to say “I am not ready!!” I still want, can, and will play like I am enjoying the summer. Mostly due to this amazing weather we are having and mostly because I worked all summer and I missed out on all the fun.

So! I still have one more outfit before I shut it down and go full blast into fall mode on the blog. I have to think in advance for fall because regardless if I am busy or not it seems to be like the shortest season.

My fall predictions are: Color- berry pinks and blues, navy, and white. Prints, I am obsessed with Zebras. You know I always have an animal that I am drawn to. Fill in smart comment here ______. So this year I am drawn to zebras but I plan to rock some leopard too because let’s face it, it’s inevitably the most famous print of all.

Thank you for all your love and support! I see you coming back and I love you for it. You are amazing regardless if you like me or not, you truly rock!



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