Two Point Oh! Plus Conference

Every time I am invited to an event for my blog I go through the same motions. First, I get super excited and pumped. Then, as the date of the event gets closer I start to chicken out, and have second thoughts about attending. And being as this one was in New Orleans, having to think about driving to New Orleans gives me the heebie jeebies.

Well, I am so glad that I attended this conference this past Sunday. The conference was organized by Kelsi Smith from dedicated-follower , who is such a lovely person to meet. And the guest speakers (who were AH-MA-ZING!) included Chanelle from The Penelope Times, Andie Eaton from oui we girl and Nola Fashion Council, Ashley Robison from dramatis personae, and Crosby from PRCouture. In addition to getting to meet some lovely local bloggers like Mallory from miss malaprop, Sarah from think twice style, and Sarah from Destrehan’s Daughter . The speakers all shared their insights about the  blogging industry, as well as their very own personal experiences. And the time spent with girls that are all doing the same thing as you is priceless. We ended the day with cocktails on the patio overlooking an amazing downtown New Orleans view. The experience, the company, and the day could have not been more perfect. I look forward to attending more local events and meeting more old/new faces.



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6 thoughts on “Two Point Oh! Plus Conference

  1. It was wonderful to meet you, Diana! I hope there are more opportunities for us to see each other (and like you, I totally went through the chicken out phase– glad we both pushed through)!

    1. It was beyond great to meet you Ashley!!!! Thank you!! I also look forward for those opportunities as well. You offered such great insight!!! I am so glad I attended! XO!

    1. It was absolutely my pleasure Kelsi!!!! I truly enjoyed the conference and look forward to more as great as this one was! Super great to meet you as well. I I hope we stay in touch!!! XO!

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