Renew. Reinvigorate. Rise above. Reset. Revisit only if necessary. Rinse and Repeat as needed.. Don’t overthink it. Don’t play small for fear of letting others see your shine. Be kind to yourself. Forgive, accept your fault in the matter and move on. I started writing these sentences at the beginning of the year and I think fall is a great time to revisit them. I am trying not to look at fall in a historical sense, as collecting the harvest to get through the winter and hibernating but rather as a total 4th quarter RESET. I want to take care of my health physically and spiritually.

We are in the 4th quarter y’all and Pumpkin Spice is here to remind us that fall is upon us. It’s time to to start thinking about neutral tones to match fall colors but I’m afraid I’m not ready to do so. I have said it before and I will say it again I will wear pink until the end of the year.

We started the year rocking the famous Barbiecore trend. A trend only aggrandized with the MEGA launch of the Barbie movie on July 21st. Did you see this movie?! I went to see it on the day it launched all across the United States. I knew I wanted to go see it by myself. At the last minute I was in my head about going to see this movie by myself but I got over it quickly and decided to go to a small theater. To my surprise, or to call out the insecurity of going by myself, the young woman who sat next to my was also watching this movie by herself.

The movie is brilliant. All women can relate to having a Barbie and playing with her and ultimately destroying her, cue “weird barbie.” I loved the inclusion of “pregnant barbie,” the idea that a woman is not that relevant and is sort of discarded when she is pregnant was pretty powerful to me. There was also a plus size barbie, who was stunning! This movie really made me go through all types of emotional feels. Margot Robbie played this role with utmost grace, charisma, and sensitivity and reaped the rewards straight to the bank, making this movie a box office hit. America Ferrara also stole the show with her soliloquy of what society expects from women. But to my surprise I really fell for Ken, Ryan Gosling, who imbued Ken with a sense of innocence and give reinvigorated him once his character realizes that in the “real world” men have the ultimate power. I just loved it.

Speaking about love, I saw the long version of this dress at The Best Dressed Ball last year and my eyes could not stop following it. This is the short version of it and it feels like a party. It feels like prom where you want to dance the night away. You don’t have to do too much as far as accessories go, which is my favorite part.

I hope you start your fall fashionably!

Until the next post,



Dress: Couleur and Blinde // Shoes: Marc Fisher from Nordstrom // Earrings: Baublebar

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