In one piece

Photo Credit: Joshua Bourgeois

Jumpsuit: COULEUR + BLINDE by Anthony Ryan  // Boots: BCBG // Crossbody: Marc Jacobs Recruit Nomad Saddle bag // Coat: Jessica Simpson

Denim dreams are made of this one piece jumpsuit from Couleur+Blinde x Anthony Ryan….ummmm.. have you seen him in Project Runway Allstars??? So adorably talented, and funny!!!

I love when people tell me that denim is back because in my mind I am wondering where did it go? Think about it, what are you wearing tomorrow? I am asking in a super non creepy way btw. If you tell me slacks and a top well you are ruining it for the point I am trying to make here but for the rest of us, or most of us, it will most likely be denim.

I love a one piece, you really do not have to think that hard on what pieces to coordinate. All you have to do is put this baby on, accessorize, and go. It goes without saying that a one piece transitions seamlessly from day to night. And this winter hue striped coat is truly everything. I am still in love with crossbody/saddle bags. I have taken my Marc Jacobs Recruit on two trips and it’s just convenient to not be dragging a big handbag anymore, if you can help it.

So we are speeding through February swiftly. It’s the month of wearing red on the first day of the month, Wear Red Day, to bring awareness to women’s heart health. It’s the month of love and it’s also the month for Baton Rouge Fashion Week which kicks off its events on Thursday, February 21st and ends its big night on Saturday, February 23rd. Get your tickets here.

Fall Stripes

Photo credit: Joshua Bourgeois

Dress & Hat: Couleur+Blinde //Boots: Marc Fisher //Jewelry: Stella & Dot

Better late than never to say Happy Fall Y’all! It’s been a minute… I lost two sets of outfit pics which (broke my heart) and placed me way behind but that’s neither here nor there. Now I’m back and to quote Nell from the Haunting of Hill House (OMG-if you have not Netflixed and Chilled to this you are missing out! MAJ missing out!) “everything else is confetti.” Meaning, don’t sweat the small stuff and things that in the end do not matter.

Now, let’s talk fashion shop. I’ve always wished to shop somewhere where someone would know what I like and I can say I have found my place. Couleur+Blinde x Anthony Ryan is a store based in San Antonio with items curated by Project Runway Allstar winner Anthony Ryan Auld. I am obsessed with their IG account (which I follow religiously) and with all the amazing clothing items and accessories they carry. It’s really a problem! This tea length ribbed cotton dress is everything that dreams are made of and it fits like a glove. This color scheme screams fall and I love all things stripe.

Never underestimate the enduring relevancy and staying power of a good pair of combat boots. This my friends is a fall staple year after year. Find your pair and keep them close. These are Marc Fisher, they’re currently on sale at Nordstrom and going fast. Check the link at the top.

Fall is the time where it’s acceptable to pile it all on. Hat, or pom pom beanie, scarf, jacket, faux fur vest. Just make a good fashion judgement when piling it all on, promise? If ever in doubt do not hesitate to hit me up.

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Heat Index Alert: Gingham

Top: Express // High Waisted Tied Linen Shorts: Express // Sneakers: Steve Madden // Crossbody Bag: Coach from Nordstrom Rack // Earrings: Francesca’s// Eyeglasses: Warby Parker

This summer has been a supa hot summer!! Gingham is the hottest trend of the summer and this by far is my favorite go to look of the season. This top just makes me feel pretty. High waisted shorts are both amazingly comfy and cute. And you know I am going to rock my sneakers through and through.

I always thought that I could not fit the content of my daily life in a crossbody bag but a recent trip to NYC proved me wrong, and so this is my latest obsession. Crossbody bags come in all shapes and sizes, obviously to be considered crossbody it cannot be too large in dimensions. Pros of rocking a crossbody: you only carry with you the daily essentials, put it over or across your shoulders and go, and it won’t ever be as heavy as full size bag. Cons: more bag real estate is always better.

Now, onto eye-ware. When it comes to shades the bigger the better. I have an oval shaped face and finding the ideal shades is always a struggle but the oversized round shape has been (surprisingly) a great fit. These are called Poppy x Warby Parker.

Hope you are having an amazing supa hot summah!!!!

Until the next post.




Sneaking into Summer

Top and sneakers courtesy of Soft Surroundings. Hoops: BaubleBar.

Spring sped by and Summer is a hot blaze. I’ve been doing some travel, which is always nice if you can afford to do so and have the vacay time to do it #icantadulttoday. I like to go each year to a place I’ve never been. This year was Washington, D.C. and I loved every minute of it. The year is not slowing down and that’s a good thing. Ideally I would like to visit two places I’ve never been so I hope to hit another new city this year.

Now, let’s talk shop. I am having a very big floral lusting moment and at the same time it’s a challenge to find a top, or a dress that catches my attention. I did find this beauty at Express but I am still looking for that perfect summer dress.

Summer colors should be soft and peachy like this top. The cold shoulder is still very hot. Speaking about hot although this weather is a double digit hot mess this top is perfect for cool summer nights and best yet it’s on sale! And available in all sizes.

I cannot stop buying, or get enough SNEAKERS! I swear to you I have four pairs in a box and one pair being delivered as we speak. These are also from Soft Surroundings which is one of my favorite gems in Towne Center. These are the Paydon Sneakers– only three sizes left online….obvi they’re hot, and obvi that anything leopard sells very, very well. I cannot tell you how comfy these are.

I shouldn’t leave without mentioning summer staples. Hoops are so practical, stylish, and they are always on trend. They are easy to pair with anything and everything you have and they are my momma’s favorite so they are worth mentioning. Now, I love a good tassel necklace and this one gives me life. I found it at Dillard’s which tends to be a goto spot when trying to find cute accessories.

Well loves, until the next post.



Blush + Biggie

Moto Jacket: Loft //  T-shirt: Spencer’s // Denim: Express // Sneakers: Aldo

I took these pics a couple of weeks back and I debated when to publish them. My answer arrived when I learned that this past weekend, March 9th, marked the 21 year anniversary of Biggie’s death. I watched “Notorious,” and never did I imagine that I would leave the theater in tears. Not that I didn’t know how it would end but still. Recently I’ve seen documentaries featuring his mother, Puffy, Jay Z, and Faith and of course you get a first hand account of the man Biggie was. But the craziest take away of this story is how young he was. This man was twenty four years old and he lived as big and as colorful a life as one could ever imagine.

On a much lighter and brighter note (there is no perfect way to transition from a tribute…but here goes) we are six days away from Spring 2018. Our weather is much cooler than one would expect which makes me think that we may pause before we put away all our winter clothes, cuz it’s chilly. One of my favorite jackets is a moto jacket, especially if it’s in a pastel tone. I am also rocking a lot of denim jackets, whether they are fit or boyfriend. Love each style. And I don’t want to (but I am) over emphasize the biggest trend that you will see this spring- sneakers! Any style, and shape available. With or sans platform, studded, perforated, metallic, you name it. Whatever style you choose you will not fail. These faux fur blush sneakers are the most adorable things I’ve owned. I am also obviously obsessed with graphic tees and if they include the face of an iconic figure even better.

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Photos by: Joshua Bourgeois.

Dress and top: Express// Boots: Head Over Heals // Hoops: Baublebar

I want you to step into March with the affirmation that you will SLAY this year. Fresh out of a February filled with wonderment and promise… how amazing was Black Panther amirrrrrright?!!! March carries over the promise of being AHMAZING and I will tell you why. Across the country our youth has found their voice and they are taking action. Out of great loss we find great strength. But it is not strength alone that will get us there but the will and the conviction to bring about change. To paraphrase the words of 18 year old Emma Gonzalez, nothing about who we are and where we come from matters but what we do will.

NOW! Let’s talk fashion shop chat. This Spring you will layer and you will layer right. The slip dress with a plain tee is such a grunge era style and it’s making a comeback in a big way. Velvet in this interim period between winter and spring is hot for a hot second. Oh, and hoops will be your go to accessory so get your hoop game right, right now.

Oh, and what am I obsessing over right now you ask? I know you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you anyways. Rihanna’s Fenty make up. This (super super super talented beauty) superstar thought of EVERY possible skin tone, or shade, and released a soft pro matte foundation that had me going to Sephora on several occassions to figure out my shade. Here is a piece of advice. At Sephora they have a tool to help figure out your “suggested” shade but grab the associate with the fiercest face and ask her to help figure out your tone. But first go look at all the shades and you can usually tell which one kind of looks like your color, and then ask for help. Because as you well know no one knows you better than yourself. Snap ya fingers three times now.

And on that note I leave you. But I seriously want you to have a fabulous weekend. I’m going to have some English tea at a posh place in Covington.

Until the next post,



Baton Rouge Fashion Week Year 5

Well it’s a wrap for Year 5 of Baton Rouge Fashion Week and I am happy to say that it’s Big night was a big success. Hosted by the beautiful and talented Chelsea LeBlanc from WAFB,   and the equally talented and dapper Gerron Jordan from NBC 33, the night was filled with witty banter and unbelievable high fashion.

Designs included a whimsical vision of haute couture as visualized by the twelve year old (YES! you read that right…twelve) Alexandra Bujan, a sexy mod vibe by Just Joe, social messages on IME’s t-shirt line, dreamy lace creations by Altrage by Kelby Bell, and vintage with a modern take from Your Mother’s Closet.

There were several precious moments during the show. A two year old model in the making stole people’s hearts as she placed one leg in front of the other, hands on hips, and a face that meant business. She was there to give the people what they wanted and the crowd went wild. I must admit that I got a little emotional, and there were several proud momma judge moments when I saw several of the models walk down the runway. Some of these young men and ladies have been doing this show for several years now and when you see them grow up in front of your eyes, it just tugs at your heart strings. There was also a lot of genuine gratitude too for the opportunity of participating in a fashion show.

It was a very special night. Congratulations to Brandon Campbell and his incredible talented and hardworking team for bringing this vision to life in the Capitol City.

Until the next post.



Evil Eye

Dress and faux fur vest: Aria (n/a) // Boots: Aldo // Earrings: Aldo

One of my favorite symbols, or amulets, is the evil eye. If you watch TRHNJ you will notice most of the ladies wearing the evil eye. And taking it way back to the beginnings of the TRHOC franchise it was that infamous evil eye hat that Tamra wore to ward off Vicky. But I digress as usual.

Growing up in the Caribbean you are surrounded by spiritual tales and mysticism. We call giving someone the evil eye “hacer Mal de Ojo.” I wear it, like many do, for protection. I also love wearing the hamsa, which is the hand of God. The hamsa is more middle eastern, and the evil eye has origins in Ancient Greece, much like my dress that has a decorative greek step pattern (which trust me I’ve sat through research lectures on this pattern because it’s that historically important) vase and the figure of a greek god.

I promise this is the last winter look with my OTK’s, Ok? It does show the versatility of the pair and how much bang you can get for your dolla dolla bills.

Until the next time,





This is year 5 of One of a Kind Baton Rouge Fashion week and it’s going to be a great one. In less than 5 days aspiring models (or YOU) can answer the call, the model call that is. I am including all the details below.

Oneofakind Baton Rouge Fashion Week Model Search
January 20, 2018 at 1 pm – 4 pm
January 21, 2018 at 3 pm – 6 pm

EBRPL – Main Library 
7711 Goodwood Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Males and females of all ages and sizes, children & plus size models included! Wear plain Black T-Shirt/tank top (no logos), jean pants, no make-up, and no accessories. Wear no wigs, and arrive with your hair straight or natural and out of your face. Ladies bring heels. In order to expedite your audition process, fill out the on-line application here.

HOTEL for OBRFW Model Search:Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center
201 Lafayette St
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
$114 per night
Mention “Baton Rouge Fashion Week Model Call” when making reservation