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I am a couple of days late in wishing all women world wide a very Happy International Women’s Day! That being said March is still Women’s History Month so we have the whole month to really dig in to our achievements and evaluate how far we have come and how far we will go. Our story of accolades and achievements still remains unwritten. So onwards and upwards.

As I wonder about the future I find myself thinking about how we have officially reached a full year of being in pandemic mode. It was funny to see some Tik Tok challenges of new year, new me, although I actually favored the one where we “walk in real quietly, DON’T TOUCH NOTHING, and we will see how things go.” But ultimately my favorite Tik Tok  is the one where people step outside their home on the first day of 2021 singing Tupac’s lyric “I see no changes.”

January started with a burning bang (need I remind everyone…nope, didn’t think so). And although last year brought a lot of suspension, doubt, fear of the unknown, stagnation, and let’s just wrap things up with dread and doom, I believe this year is crawling towards a more positive direction. A lot of truths and secrets are coming to light. Meghan Markle’s throat chakra really opened up and she was able to speak her truth. Legislation is also moving in the right direction in terms of relief and aide, and equal rights. But this will continue to all be an uphill battle.

I am certain something in all of us has (or should have) changed. But then again maybe not. I don’t know about all of you but this pandemic has put a lot of things in perspective. Again, not sure if this is something that the world needed as a whole to reflect. Personally, I value a lot more the sanctity of my home and being in the presence of those who I enjoy. I delight in the quiet moments at home with my doggies, even though those involve me yelling a lot.

I also find myself thinking about others who are really going through it right now. This leads me to consume a lot more news than I care to but I feel like I can no longer afford to be uninformed. I am constantly seeking for answers and the need to understand why things happen the way they do. There is a lot to read, listen to, watch, and the choices of what podcast to listen to religiously is quite overwhelming.

SO! Now that I got that out of the way I am guessing you don’t land on this page to read my inner thoughts. You MAY end up here to see what look I attempt to pull. So as you may know by now I am extremely brand loyal and this entire ensemble is from Couleur + Blinde .

Color contrasting and color blocking are my jam. The light tones of the aqua blue top against the crimson orange bottom and jacket give me retro fall Gucci vibes. This whole look reminds me of when people use to dress up for travel. Remember way back when people dressed up to get on a plane? Airports were literal runways. I would like to point out that Hispanic folks still (on occasion) put on a blazer with a button down to travel. I cannot travel in joggers and sweatpants. It’s just not happening.

So as we continue to navigate this pandemic and start taking steps towards prevention what I look forward to the most is traveling. I miss my mommies and cannot wait to see them soon. I hope that you are taking the time to take care of yourself, meditate if you can or need to. Meditating and Melatonin (M&M) has certainly helped me sleep better at nights because that has been quite a struggle for me lately.

Listen, take care! I absolutely appreciate you taking the time to stop by and I hope your are well.

Until the next post,


It’s the DDC, you know me 😉




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