A Target must have

philip lim 3.1


Photo via Target.com


Who doesn’t LOVE Target? Am I right?!!! The prices are comparable to Walmart, no long lines, and an amazing selection of items. I am there at least once a week. The designer collaborations are also amazing, and this year 3.1 Phillip Lim is the designer collaborating with Target. Missoni collaborated with Target last year (I think) and the collection sold out immediately. But this sweater should be on your list! I first saw it on Jessica Alba and it was so adorable, but everything looks great on her right? And a week ago it was on Nikki Hilton. It’s celebrity coveted, and approved, for $29.99. And you need a comfy sweater for winter! I was going to wait and do a post with it on but why should I hold good fashionable information.

The link below the picture should take you directly to the item on target’s website, there is ONE small left in Target on Siegen lane in Baton Rouge. Just FYI. They are going fast!!

Have a fun weekend!!! XO!


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