Sundays are for Brunching

Photography courtesy of Bria Spears, Twajoku Photography

I’ve said this a couple of times on the blog, and in real life conversations too, but one of the most rewarding aspects of participating in Baton Rouge Fashion Week each year as a judge is seeing new faces and familiar ones too. Making connections and being part of the process of selecting talent to me is priceless. It gives me life.

So it was a no brainer when the beautiful Cynthea Corfah, model and blogger, who I met at Baton Rouge Fashion Week a couple of years back, reached out to me about her Brunch for the Soul series. I was there in a skip and a hop. With only 15 seats available everyone there was not only beautiful, talented, accomplished and smart, there was a true collaborative sense in the air. From the ice breakers to the guest speakers, to the decor and the food, everything was amazing.

Bria Spears caught some truly great moments from this event. And what I love most is that most of the shots with me in it I am sipping. Below is my favorite shot because clearly my  facial expressions are everything, and I am next to Elle Marie which makes the pic even more special!

Thank you Cynthea from the blog Laced In Cyn for sharing these moments with all who attended. Her next Brunch for The Soul series will be Thursday, December 16, at the Parlor. It’s a yoga brunch party so it’s going to be a real treat. Tickets are available here.


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