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Sweater: Peter Pilotto x Target // Skirt: H&M // Necklace: Stella and Dot //Shoes: Jessica Simpson

There are zero days left of cold weather and it is officially spring. So you know what that means huh? Awesome pastels, florals, denim is back in full throttle, fringes, and kimono tops are hot stuff. I’m not going to lie it was pretty warm wearing this sweater but I had my mind on styling this mid length skirt with it. I first saw this skirt in black on H&M’s website when their spring catalog came out in early January and it sold out in one day. That’s how big the demand is for this skirt. Wearing it makes you feel absolutely elegant and well dressed. Sure, did I feel like a chick from the 50’s? Yes. But that’s besides the point because this thing has pockets! I love pockets. They are especially amazing for bloggers who don’t know what to do with their hands; like me.

And can we talk about the color! This pink is everything this season. Call it what you want it’s simply beautiful.

I hope you are fashionable kicking into spring and getting ready for summer!



Jumpsuiting it



Jumpsuit: H&M // Wedges: Jessica Simpson // Accessories: Glitz

You know how you see the previews for a movie and you immediately say to yourself you want to see it and ¬†eventually it comes and leaves the theaters but luckily you stumble upon it later when you are not really looking for it? So was the case for this movie called “For a good time call” So its basically about two girls living in New York City that try to make a living running a phone sex company. It is pretty hilarious and not as bad as I have made it seem. So one of the girls is always wearing jumpsuits. When I think of jumpsuits I think of the eighties but they are so stylish, comfortable, and seemingly on trend. I honestly can’t get enough of H&M, they are one of my daily go to sites. It’s a problem.

One last thing, as I mentioned in the post below I am participating in the Bats on Tees redesign contest wearing Maddie Louviere’s design. If you have already voted for me THANK YOU so much!!!!!!! But there one day left to vote so you can cast your vote here for your favorite look!

Until the next post!