Blurred Lines

Outfit: Couleur + Blinde || Shoes: Steve Madden || Jewelry: Baublebar || Bag: Marc Jacobs

Photography: Courtney Brown

As we welcome fall the reality of that fall feeling in Louisiana is still not registering. Even though the temperature is fantastic, it’s still not sweater weather down here. Where did summer go? We were waiting to live our best summer lives and now it’s time to pull up to you nearest Starbucks for that Pumpkin Spice Latte!

 September is almost over and this outfit was one of my favorite summer looks. I love the colors and the geometric patterns on this set. Nothing compliments a look better than a hot red lipstick. This one happens to be from Mac. Red lips are truly the “pièce de resistance.”

 Not only are we welcoming fall, we are also celebrating in September National Hispanic Heritage Month. This celebration takes place between September 15th through October 15. It’s a good time to think about the contributions Hispanics, Latinos and the LatinX community has and continue to make in this country.

 I know there is quite a controversy about the new term LatinX, which is a gender-neutra term to refer to people from Latin America and predominantly Spanish-speaking countries. Many do not like the term LatinX but if we can all get behind one term that describes people who originate from Spanish speaking countries I don’t see the harm. The truth is that even if we have one common link, mostly language, we are all still very different and complex. People tend to like things compartmentalized so that they can make generalizations about certain groups. Sadly, generalizations lead to erroneous misconceptions about others. We learned that from Pretty Woman… I hope. Cue Julia Roberts saying “Big mistake. Big. Huge,” as  she sashays out the snobby Beverly Hills boutique with all her shopping bags.

 If I have to share what being a Latina/o, or a LatinX, means to me I would say that it means being someone who perseveres against all odds when the odds are usually not in your favor. Someone who continuously tries to find their place in their chosen home. Someone who will always do what is best for their family even if it means being away from each other. There is a lot of beauty in being different and many times a lot of isolation. The stories are many and the journeys are long and beautiful. 


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