New Neutrals

Sweater and Skirt: Aria // Booties: Isola (Head over Heals) // Earrings: Park Lane// Hat: Shop Couleur+Binde

It is no longer sweater weather but I would like someone to explain (please) why so many young folks are wearing oversized hoodies in 100 degree weather. You have my attention. In fact what I would really love is a day without rain -btw I love this song by Selena Gomez. But here we are in the cusp of the “Hot Girl Summer,” and this rain is truly raining on the hot girl parade in the dirty south to some extent.

Many of us are truly trying to live our best life this summer. I already travelled to the Caribbean to see my family after not seeing them for two years. The mishaps and unpleasantries of travel are back in action. Make sure to check in any alcohol in your checked luggage so you don’t have to fight TSA in any one of the major points of entry. I opted to do TSA Pre-check earlier last year and I am also doing Global Entry to avoid as much interactions with the travel powers that be because lately I can’t people.

New Orleans is another city I’ve been stepping out in quite a few times this year and the sea of tourists and residents hitting the streets of New Orleans is overwhelming. It feels great to see the city back into its lively groove.

At any rate as usual I digress. It seems like most of us are getting out of what slowly but surely plagued us last year and some of us no longer want to speak on this. I am ok with that. It’s not my place to judge those who do not wish to take any sort of preventative measure for us to carry on with our lives.

Now, back to fashion. I am really into neutral tones and nudes. I am also obsessed with a good puff sleeve shirt, and with the pajama trend. This sweater has a bit of a ruched sleeve and who can stay away from polka dots? Who? I love this vegan nude mini skirt paired with nude tone booties. I live, work, play in booties no matter the time of year.

I shopped for the very first time at Zara in Lakeside Mall, New Orleans. I have tried my best to not spend my money here because if I did I would simply be broke. I have been to this Zara before with a very strong will not to shop and I have also entered but practiced restraint at Zara in NYC. But this was my strategy. I roamed the entire store twice, picked everything I liked on the first round, and then did a process of elimination on my second round. I had to be honest with myself on what colors were merely seasonal (lavender and light pinks) and what pieces could carry me all year. Zara is slightly higher priced merchandise than an H&M but incredibly good quality and high fashion.

I also shopped for the very first time at Tasc on Magazine street in New Orleans. Tasc is known for making their garments from bamboo cotton blend. It is mostly athletic wear and athleisure. The clothes are incredibly comfortable and they breathe well but they are at a higher price point. I bought their Varsity T-shirt dress that pairs perfectly with sneakers.

Until the next time, keep it cool and fashionable.




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