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Happy Cinco de Mayo! I am not much for celebrating this day since it’s only the celebration of Mexico’s second victory against the French. Now, if it were Mexico’s Independence Day I would be more game to celebrate it. It is really an excuse to drink Margaritas, let’s be honest. Mexico’s Independence Day is on September, 16. This is a great opportunity, however, to acknowledge the hard work and contributions made by the beautiful people of Mexico. “Que viva Mexico!”

  At any rate, did you watch “Killers of the Flower Moon?” I was also hesitant to watch it but this was an EPIC and super long movie by Martin Scorsese. I need two days to watch these 3 hour movies. You can’t lose with Leo and Robert DeNiro but the entire cast was magnificent. I love the previews when Leo tells his love interest (keyword: interest) “You have a pretty color. What color is that?” And she responds, “this is my color.” Well, these are my colors. This raspberry and black and every variation of baby pink are the colors of Foster The Fashion. I had a fellow graduate school friend design the latest iteration of Foster The Fashions color scheme and font type. Shout out to Cece. I remember how I loved the powder baby pink Beyonce used for her self titled album. 

This outfit gives me strong early 2000’s Avril Lavigne “I don’t like your girlfriend” vibes. That is such a bop, as the kids say. The outfit to me is as pink punk rock as it gets. Combat boots are always my faves. I feel super empowered in combat boots. The skirt that ties asymmetrically is also a favorite.  

 It is clear that we are in full Spring Swing and that things are starting to get warmer. The layers are starting to come off but I am still seeing a lot of people wearing sweaters for some reason. I don’t have a problem with that I also like layers on but as things start to heat up my neighbors will start seeing more of me than they ever wish for or asked for. I promised to continue wearing pink but I will mix it up a bit and show you more than pink. Like Ryan Gosling said in his SNL Monologue, it’s time to leave Barbie behind. 

 So here is to you to having an amazing spring, and to shedding some of those winter layers! 

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