Foster the Fashion is on Facebook!

With all the social media outlets to post I honestly forget that my blog is also a very important outlet. Having said this, after posting it on twitter and instagram I forgot to announce on the blog that Foster the Fashion is finally on Facebook! Yay!! Now don’t get me wrong I am not proud that it took me a year to create my facebook page for Foster the Fashion (it really took away my social media street cred which by the way is non existent) but I am glad that it is done. Meeting other bloggers this year seriously motivated me to get certain things rolling to make Foster the Fashion a tad bit more official. So all of that to say, if you do get the opportunity to like my page on facebook I will do a happy dance, and well the rest is up to you to imagine me doing a happy dance. Feel free to imagine me as goofy as possible. I really appreciate you stopping by and reading my blog!!!

Until the next post!



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