Throwback: NKOTB Cruise 2011

In honor of throw back thursday I decided to share some pictures and memories from the New Kids On The Block cruise I took in 2011. In early February of 2011 I received a call from my childhood friend Angie. I had not heard from her in a while and while asking about her family life she revealed to me that she was getting a divorce. I was crushed for her. I wanted to be there for her and be of support. But you have to know my friend to know that nothing brings her down. So after a while of going through the “what happened?” and the “How are you feeling?” she asks “Do you want to go on a cruise?”, and of course I said yes. “It’s the New Kids on The Block Cruise” she said, and I was thinking in my mind “I am not a groupie” but why the hell not. And so I embarked on this 5 day journey with 2,600 plus women on a boat. Trust me with that many hormones trapped in a boat I wanted to jump. But it was one of the most memorable and fun things I have ever done. And the memories are pretty much priceless. Rose Tours does a wonderful job with setting the cruise itinerary which included an 80’s night, a Pj’s and Toga party night, A pink night (for the cure), and a red carpet night.
Currently the New Kids on the Block are touring the states again and they had the cruise this year again. I heard on a radio interview one of them comment “We are glad the internet came along because people have been able to find us and know what we are up to.” The result of the trip was that I indeed became a groupie. I went to their concert that year in the Cajun Dome in Lafayette. So you get the idea. Hope you enjoy the pics!

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