The flip flop shops want you!

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I know you just can’t wait to let your toes hang out for spring and show off your cute pedis that have been held hostage by your boots all winter. Well I have good news! The flip flop shops a national retailer dedicated to selling the hottest brands in sandals are seeking brand ambassadors to promote their “free your toes” lifestyle. For instructions on how to become an ambassador click here! If you are selected the perks are AMAZING! You can get free flip flops for a year on top of a chance to win a free beach getaway.

NOW here is the best part if you decided to read this entire post!!! The flip flop shops Baton Rouge location in Perkins Rowe has kindly given Foster the Fashion two gift cards for two lucky readers. All you have to do is ONE of the following: copy this link  and paste it on your Facebook wall, or repost the image on my instagram feed, or like the post on Facebook or Instagram, OR  leave me a comment below to be entered to win one of the two gift cards! Fun Fun Fun!!! And go go go!!!

My apologies if I made the giveaway too complicated I was just that excited~

Best of luck!



****Note: This giveaway ended on 3/17/2014. Winners were announced on Instagram.******

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