Endymion Extravaganza 2012- The Event

And now lets talk about the event shall we? It was my first time attending a Mardi Gras Ball and quite honestly I expected things to be different, very different. I guess when I learned that people attended Mardi Gras balls I had this Disney idea in my head that everyone dressed over the top and there were certain ceremonial formalities. However, upon arriving to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome I was amazed to see ladies in beautiful gowns carrying sandwich trays and men in tuxedos hauling coolers. Definitely not what I expected. It was a bit of a culture shock I must admit. I am from Dominican Republic (in case you didn’t know no worries) and when we get dressed up for a formal event we don’t carry food trays to the event. So there  I said my part. Other than that the Superdome was beautifully decorated and the energy inside was electrifying. All the floats came in to the dome and in case I forgot to mention it Maroon 5 performed! The live bands and Maroon 5 were amazing. It was a good time overall.

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  1. Erica

    Wow, that’s disappointing. I haven’t been to a Ball event yet. But I have heard that the Zulu Ball is extravagant. Maybe you should try that one next year. 😉

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