Animal Print

Two piece: Couleur+Blinde // Shoes: BCBG from Nordstrom Rack// Jewelry: Stella & Dot and Couleur+Blinde // Clear purse: Wanderlust by Abby

In the fall animal print is King. Is there anyone around you right now not wearing it? If your answer is no, then move! You are living in a bland space where no one pays attention to trends and no one should live in that space. It’s as if we all become girls (and guys) from Jersey where all we wear is animal print. And for the record, I have zero problems with being from Jersey. Jersey gave us big hair, over the top tanning, Snooki, Jersey Shore, and Wendy Williams. As much as none of those may be a few of your favorite things, they are certainly some of  mine (with the exception of tanning).

So it’s an amazing time of year where we layer, get Starbucks more than twice a week, and do some serious shopping. Neutrals, nudes, and warm colors make a serious comeback and while we try to stay traditional a platform combat boot or sneaker interrupt the fashion scene. I love a little interruption.

I hope that if you are reading this that you have an amazing stress-free Thanksgiving! Don’t lose sight of what’s important during this break.



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