Neon Attachment

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Romper: Loft //  Shoes: Aldo (old)// Clutch: Ms. Priss Boutique (Geismar, LA) //

Earrings: Rocks Paper Metal // Bracelets: Dotted Tusk and Stella and Dot //

If you purchased some neon pieces this year don’t pack them up just yet! Neon has a short period of being on trend right now before we say goodbye to summer. Speaking of end of summer, I am not ready for fall. I have two to three outfits posts to publish, and everywhere I read people are bidding adieu to summer. Fall officially begins on Sunday September 22nd this year, and my calendar is marked. So until then (and when the weather changes) I will definitely dress for comfort. But let’s be real, who in Louisiana is going to start wearing boots when it’s still hot outside? Now, the weather may make me look like a complete fool this year as we have had some amazing weather lately. And I have seen a lot of ladies rocking scarves with their sleeveless tops in this Louisiana heat. So I may be completely wrong. I know that down here once we start wearing boots it seems like we can’t take them off, even well into the Spring season.

In other news today I purchased my fall bible, the September issue of Vogue. Hopefully it equips me well with fashion knowledge to tackle the fall season. I have not done any fall looks in the past so this should be fun.  Although, I have some ideas of my own including my own fall color prediction.  The fall issue is HUGE , size wise and wow factor wise, so if you are unsure of what magazine to buy for fall just buy Vogue.

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