Southern Girl Blogging Community 1st meet-up

This past Saturday I attended the Southern Girl Blogging Community’s first meet up at the Grand Isle restaurant in downtown New Orleans. The meet-up was organized by it’s founder Chene Whittington who has her own blog Prototype Mama. It was so great to meet local bloggers and share the same experiences that we all inevitably go through when we decide to start a blog. Among the ladies that attended were Carlie Kollath from New In Nola, Leslie Presnall from Southern Flair Blog, Christine Alexis from the online store Culture Shock, Anne Marie Queen from Everything Sparkles, and Keely Lewis from Utopian Hospitality. We talked about re-branding, placing ads on blogs, and even some tips on WordPress. It was such an amazing time, and such a great opportunity to meet local bloggers. And I cannot go without mentioning the great job that Chene did from putting the event together, to the giveaways, and prizes at the event featuring local products. I look forward to the next meet up!


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11 thoughts on “Southern Girl Blogging Community 1st meet-up

    1. My pleasure I was a little bit behind on posting this!! It was way fun meeting everyone. I will!!! xo!!!

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