Summer of coral

Hope you had a super memorial day weekend. I am forever thankful and grateful for all of those that have sacrificed their lives and their freedom to keep us safe. This past week I have been challenged to not sweat the small things because there is a solution to everything, and some people are going through far worst in life. After all, I learned from my dear cousin Thania that it has been proven that for all the things we worry about, only 10% actually happens. That’s a relief!
However, today is a brand new day and this dress makes me happy. It made the cut because I have been stopped by girls to give me a compliment. And the funny thing is that when they have stopped me I want to say “oh thank you, I have a fashion blog. Please check it out” but the words just don’t make it out. I can’t say anything but a simple thank you. At my core I am super shy. But I want to personally thank YOU for taking the time and giving me a second of your time and attention. You rock!

Muchos xxx’s and ooo’s!







  1. Genny

    Love it!!! This is one of my favorite Summer colors and u wear it well!! I also love the contrast of your mail polish, it looked green or blue! Anyway, great job 🙂

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