Star Struck

The highlight of my week this week was meeting basketball player Glen Davis, a.k.a Big Baby. He use to play for the Boston Celtics where he won a championship game, and he now plays for the Orlando Magic. I am a basketball fan by default since the games are always on at home. I love the success stories of the players, then learning about where they came from, and the obstacles that they had to surpass to get to be the men they are today. Glen Davis was so kind and sweet. He was eating with his family but he took the time to take this picture. Naturally, I cannot forgive myself for looking this un fabulous but I have been smiling all week, so it was totally worth it. If we are Facebook friends, or if you already follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you have surely seen this picture already. But this experience was so amazing that it is worthy of occupying space on my blog.
Hope you stay dry and are enjoying this small break from the horrifying Louisiana heat!




2 thoughts on “Star Struck

    1. Awww! Thank you Erica! You are always so sweet. Thank you for your comment and thanks for stopping by! xoxo!

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