When it’s not about you

With the horrific events that happened today you do realize, as one of the victims left on her blog, that life is too fragile. The first named victim left behind wise words on her blog with only two posts, and no further opportunity to write anymore. When you hear how young this girl was and how much she wanted to accomplish, I feel like I want to live for her. To carry out what they would have wanted to do. She had drive and a sense of purpose, and it was all cowardly taken away. When you feel that the weight of the world is on your shoulders google her and go to her blog.

2 thoughts on “When it’s not about you

  1. That’s sad. Lo que da es rabia ver el como hay personas que por no tener un proposito en su vida, simplemente se dedican a hacer las de otros miserable o a acabar con las de quienes si quieren vivir y lograr sus objetivos.

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