Project Sparkle

I am partnering with Park Lane Jewelry and joining them on this nationwide movement to raise funds and give back to the nurses and front line workers in our communities who don’t have the privilege to work from home. These guys and gals risk their lives everyday to keep us healthy, help us re-stock our pantries, and make sure that are packages are delivered on time. This program has so much heart, reach, and more importantly it’s brightening people’s day in the midst of all the gloom and hardships that we as a country are currently facing. Any amount helps.

With your donation you will help bring a small piece of jewelry to one of our frontline workers, this includes nurses, grocery store clerks, food attendants, and delivery workers. You can make your donation here. 

If you want to learn more about project sparkle you can follow Park Lane on instagram and there you will find a news clip, or search for the tag #projectsparkle.

I can’t say it enough, this project has so much heart and ANY amount helps.

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