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A LOT has changed since my last post in March when literally and seemingly the entire world shutdown. Some countries faster than others but either way that was the global destination…Shut it down! So what now? Terms like WFH, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) basically people whispering, and WTF…kidding but seriously WTF y’all!

I am beyond asking (and stressing the f#$k out about) the questions of how we got here. SO I am going to focus on how I am using this time to rise above the global pandemic ashes like a phoenix (see top pic).

Things I enjoy doing now more than ever:

Skincare Routines- My skincare game is at 100. Am I doing it right? Ummm …. maybe not but I am loving skincare products now more than ever. I am doing charcoal masks, gel masks, aloe vera mask, serums, exfoliating, soap bars, facials oils, moisturizing, sunscreening, etc. etc. My focus has been to educate myself on those ingredient lists. There are certain ingredients that have caught my attention more than others: squalene, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and lactic acid. For example in this 90 something degree heat all I want to do when I get home is slather chilled aloe vera gel mask and YouTube and chill before the end of the day.

YouTube- I am not sure when it happened (maybe a month ago) but at some point during this pandemic I fell into a YouTube rabbit hole. Since traveling is not an option for me at this point I cannot stop watching walking videos of my favorite city, New York. I miss New York like you can’t imagine. I felt it’s pain when it was the epicenter and I am cheering the city on as it is currently in stage 4 of re-opening. I cannot be more proud of NYC. Actionkid‘s YouTube channel has brought the city to my living room. He takes his camera/phone and records his walks of different neighborhoods and boroughs in the city. I’ve been to New York several times and somehow never knew about Forest Hills, Sunnyside, Kew Gardens, among other places. He does an AMAZING job at showing you parts of the city you never knew existed. And since I am into skincare I found Hyram, who I cannot stop watching. He is knowledgeable beyond his years on skincare products and ingredients. He highlights products he likes and dislikes, as well as pros and cons of products he does like and he backs it with science and his personal experience as a beauty consultant. Hyram cracks me up! Both of these guys have me captivated either way. I am hooked!

Music- In particular HAIM’s new album, “Women in Music Part III.” I am playing that shiz nonstop. I seriously want to be that 4th HAIM sister, which is funny because I never wished for a sister but this triple threat of sisters makes me wish that I would specifically belong to their tribe. I heard someone say that music and art are directly connected to the divine and I agree 100%. I can get lost in videos featuring art history and curators talking about some deep Davinci and Titian interpretations, and Taylor Swift’s new album is pretty angelic.

One of my “plans”  this year was to get out of town for my birthday in May. I started lofty and then landed on the idea of maybe going to Nashville, TN. Like many other events that did not happen. This photo shoot happened instead and I had such a great time doing it.

There is nothing more comfortable and chic than satin jogger pants. And this open back top is to die for. Fashion is obviously transformed as people are working from home and not going out as much. Casual pieces are on trend. I can’t stand tie die and for some reason it’s on trend. I do own one tie die shirt with David Bowie as Aladdin Sane on it. I will take David Bowie any day on any article of clothing. I’ve also bought a lot of graphic shirts this summer. I call this summer the summer of “watched the documentary, bought the t-shirt.”

There is no point in getting political because who am I kidding, I need to retain the 5 or 6 people who read my blog. Side note and prayer: please God, Buddha, or Allah let it be more. But also, I want to take this moment to thank each and everyone of you who finds their way back to this site to hopefully stumble upon a new post. I truly love you- and HI MOM!! I keep telling myself it’s quality versus quantity.

My wish and hope is that we can all come together for the greater good. Look, I get it. No one likes being told what to do (moi included) but there comes a point where we have to step outside of the me, me, me bubble. It’s 2020 and you better recognize that 2020 came a la Adele, rolling in the deep. Yes, that’s right. You could have had it all but not in 2020! Graduations, travel, conferences, sport events, schools, entertainment, everything came to a sudden halt. And the more we fought the be calm and be still vibe the more this invisible monster fought back. In all of this we did learn to pivot, modify, and go virtual. And I am so proud of that. We enjoyed the home that we pay monthly and which under “normal circumstances” we only really get to  enjoy at night.

And on a final note, we have to recognize that all of us (that is the collective) are currently going through something. Compound to the latter a relentless virus and things on a week by week basis can turn pretty hellish. We are all losing loved ones or people that we know well. Try to approach people with care and caution.

I hope that if you have wandered into this last sentence that you are safe and well. And thank you for sticking through this post!

Until the next post!



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