Shed Your Summer Skin

Top and Bottom: Couleur + Blinde Booties: Nordstrom Rack

It’s officially fall and I am powering through to level one of renewal, resurfacing, healing and moving towards happiness. I don’t know about you but it’s been a little bit confusing to navigate our current situation. It’s been a lot of touch and go and a lot of  “should I stay or should I go,” outside. But about two days ago I went for a walk in my neighborhood and a little boy came outside, he must have been around five or six years old, he flung his arms up in the air said “Hi!!!,” and hugged me. As I said to him “air hugs, air hugs,” he hugged me around my waist and walked with me a few steps. I love that innocence. It made me forget for a moment of the BS and appreciate a child’s outlook.

Well, I say all this to say that it’s time to move on as best we can and focus on the future and on the fashion. Have you noticed some of the 70’s vibes (wide leg pants and tie die) and 90’s crop tops (halter tops and combat boots) that’s been currently trending? There is a touch of “The Royal Tenenebaums” vibe in the air and I am loving it! I love oversized sunglasses, dark rich hues, and wide leg pants.

Fall brings with it all the animal prints but this year the predominant print is snakeskin. It’s extremely versatile because it can be reproduced in so many colors making it easier to match to almost anything. This season puff and balloon sleeves will be making a high fashion statement. So take out your fall sweater and kick up your booties!

Love you all. Take care!!



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