mia melon

Photos courtesy of: Mia Melon

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare once asked, to which I would respectfully answer to his literary majesty “Everything!” The names of brands in the past post, and this one, have emerged from literary inspiration, and characters. I love it when a name is catchy and different; it gets my attention.

Mia Melon is a fashion brand based in Vancouver,BC, with over 200 stores carrying their clothing line. Their style is bohemian inspired, and they are currently working on their fall collection which features heavy duty, yet incredibly on trend, weatherproof coats.

They also have a kickstarter campaign to help them boost their efforts in launching the upcoming fall collection line. They currently have exceeded their goal BUT they are still offering some AMAZING perks for those who donate to their kickstarter campaign. You may want to check them out, and if you can, help their efforts. Personally, I am lusting for that royal blue rain coat at the very top. I wish I looked that fabulous after all that heavy rain!

Thank you for taking the time and stopping by! Good luck to all of you during finals! It’s the final stretch, who’s ready for summer?

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