Attitude Couture

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Fashion tends to be so serious sometimes. You look at some look books and you see hints of a smile, but you don’t see people having fun. Tell me about it. I don’t know how to smile for a shot to save my life. This is not the case for all the shots that I have seen for this designer. Attitude Couture is the creation of New Orleans based designer Robin Spindt. With more than forty years of experience in the fashion business, Robin has created one of a kind gowns for that special occasion. Whether you are going to prom, a ball, graduation, or a wedding, Attitude Couture has that perfect dress for you. And she is expanding her collection to include wedding dresses. You can browse and shop all her looks here! As always, I am so proud of local talent.

My personal favorite look is the girl in the red dress with the sneakers! That’s too quiche!

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