Red Crush

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Dress: Aria // Shoes: BCBG from Head Over Heals// Bag: Rebecca Minkoff- Aria //Jewelry: Kendra Scott // Blazer c/o: BuddyLove Clothing label

To me fashion is very much intuitive and personal. And so most times I really wear what I feel or desire and if it matches the trends then GREAT! I try not to take anyone’s styling ideas so I tend to keep myself a little sheltered to make sure that my style is uniquely mine.

Coral is so hot right now. I have seen so many ladies wearing coral for spring. This dress happens to be tomato but there is a hint of orange somewhere in it, it’s not a true red. It’s flirty but it becomes an entirely different look once you add a blazer. This blazer is courtesy of BuddyLove Clothing , a clothing label based out of Dallas. Their clothing line  is fun and contemporary. I love how light weight this blazer is especially for Spring as it starts to get warmer.

I hope you are having a lovely Spring and are getting ready for the summer!!!

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