The Cassandra’s 2012

Living in Baton Rouge puts me more than 1,500 miles away from the place that I grew up in, the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is an island in the Carribbean, the culture and its people are like no other. We speak Spanish but we chop the words in half, and we create terminolgies that are only understood by us Dominicans. But enough with the history class.

Each year we have “Los Premios Cassandra”. This year they took place last Monday, the 12th of March. It’s like having the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the Grammy’s all compacted into one. It is the longest award ceremony ever!

Below are my top picks of the best dressed, the WTH happened, and the “I know her”. No really! The second to last pic is of Linette Lora. We lived down the street from each other, and I am so excited (and proud) that she walked the red carpet with her edgy look. I think she is Gorgeous!
And we even had William Levy there!

My pick for best dressed.
My 2nd pick for best dressed


What the H!


They call her "The Materialist" ...very Gaga Like behavior. She is in a box for heaven's sake!
They call her "La Materialista" ... Gaga wannabe much?
Linette Lora


William Levy

Pictures via Facebook Premios Cassandra 2012 page

2 thoughts on “The Cassandra’s 2012

  1. Me encantan los dos primeros vestidos, especialmente el negro y William Levy! Lol.
    Linnette es artista o actriz? La he visto en varias entregas de los Cassandra.

    1. Si William Levy super guapo!!!!! A la verdad no se. Se que tiene una linea de zapatos llamada Fack! Linnette siempre va a los Cassandras. Gracias por tus comentarios Alejandra! Me encanto tu blog! Besote grandote!

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