Protect your Energy

 I love the concept of wellness. But when I think of my personal wellness I do not only think in terms of my physical health, but my emotional and mental health. We live in an age where we all say or post “Good Vibes Only,” yet we live the opposite of good vibes. We are in toxic relationships, toxic jobs, speak toxic language, feed our body toxic food and keep our selves in toxic environments.

 I so greatly value my energy. First, I’m extremely busy. I don’t say this in pride. I actually always sort of despised the type of people who proclaim to be so busy they don’t have time for simple things like replying to a text. Yet I am now that girl, to an extent. When I say to an extent here is what I mean, at any given moment I can actually have 50 to 200 lingering texts. It gets out of hand. Hey, there are also people I text daily. We give our time or energy to what we want to. The point I am making is, I value all relationships and want to reply, and I do in time, but then there are people who get immediate access to me, my time, my energy.

We are all choosing what to spend our energy on. The way I text is a simple example. There are people who are probably like “Genny is the worst communicator in the world.” Then there are those who know my phone stays in my hand. I am genuinely busy. I work a full time job, I am starting my own business, working on many side projects, I workout consistently, I am very social, and I am very involved with my family. So I must protect what I give my time and energy to.

I’ve learned to create boundaries. My boundaries are of the utmost importance to me. I tend to be very happy and optimistic but I cherish my “good vibes” and protect this with a vengeance so I don’t waste my time on frivolous relationships or time wasters. If it saps my strength, I will not be involved. And there is a difference in tiring yourself doing things you love and being around people you love and giving of yourself to those you love and exhausting yourself on doing things that keep you in a place of depletion.

When I say energy I am referring to my emotional energy, my mindset, and even my physical energy but more specifically anything that affects my perspective or mood. My energy is the most valuable thing I have. What I put my energy into I am giving away a piece of myself. So I put energy into what I know will give back and replenish me. As soon as that balance is getting out of wack I make adjustments.

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